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FAR Child Protection Center

The FAR Child Protection Center transforms young lives through crisis intervention, critical short-term rehabilitation and stabilization to those who are victims of some of the most horrible predicaments including abuse, abandonment and neglect, and behavioral, emotional and psychological problems. 


The Center is a full-service facility, which offers access to shelter, medical care, counseling and legal assistance. It provides sources of educational and psychosocial support, life skills training, and guidance for family members when safe reunification is possible. 


The Center works alongside the Armenian government to strengthen its child protection services, and policies, and has been integral in developing the national foster care system. 


As leader of the Child Protection Network, the Center’s team coordinates 42 NGOs who lobby for stronger governmental policy in child protection.

“FAR Child Protection Center, run by dedicated staff, is a place where children are well cared for, nurtured, educated and valued. It is a place they call ‘home,’ where they can be children, where they can laugh and play and dream."

—Knarik Meneshian, FAR Supporter

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