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2023 Annual Report

For more than three decades FAR has led the efforts to help Armenians navigate the impacts of cross-border conflict, war, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Our emergency response efforts helped 5,000 who fled Artsakh and were in need of humanitarian support. We also made significant strides in other development projects, which brought access to education and better healthcare to so many, along with safe haven to children in need, sustenance to low-income seniors—and so much more. We couldn’t have done this without you, our supporters. 
It was you who made this lifesaving work possible. 


2022 Annual Report

Year after year, FAR is fortunate to be able to talk about our mission in Armenia and Artsakh. Despite the challenges of the past few years, we’ve continued to expand our work and ultimately our impact on the lives of our less advantaged brothers and sisters. This is all thanks to you, our supporters. You helped us to make 2022 our most successful fundraising year ever.


2021 Annual Report

The year 2021 was another story of incredible challenges. As the dust settled from the 2020 Artsakh War and the world continued to grapple with a new set of ever-fluid COVID changes, we encountered a “new” Armenia, one in which a large group of the population, newly displaced and forced to start over, needed our help. There was also Artsakh itself, the precious land irrevocably changed by the most recent conflict, its challenges arguably greater than ever in the past two decades. 


2020 Annual Report

We closed 2019 with a simmering global public health emergency which then plunged the world into full-fledged crisis during 2020. But, as we’ve said many times before, FAR was born from crisis. From the rubble of the 1988 earthquake that forever changed Gyumri and Spitak, our founders laid the foundation for a fledgling organization that provided emergency assistance to the FAR of today, a leader in addressing Armenia’s development needs and creating and crafting a stronger nation through empowerment and opportunity.


2019 Annual Report

We began 2019 on the heels of the 30th anniversary of a devastating moment that changed Armenia indefinitely. In many ways, the nation is still tending to the wounds left by the 1988 earthquake. Now, at the close of FAR’s third decade in operation, our attention is called to another crisis, the magnitude  of  which  the  world  has  never  seen.  But  FAR  was  born  from  crisis.  We’ve  survived crisis, and we remain a pillar of strength and hope in Armenia. Despite the threat and devastation from Covid-19, we will continue with our work to make Armenia stronger.


2018 Annual Report

The earthquake that struck Gyumri and Spitak brought three special members of the Armenian Diaspora—Archbishop Torkom Manoogian, Kevork Hovnanian and Dr. Edgar M. Housepian—together to mobilize emergency humanitarian assistance for victims of the disaster. At the time they did not realize what would be born from this effort. Their work transporting emergency supplies to the then-Soviet Republic of Armenia would be Fund for Armenian Relief’s first mission. This assistance helped thousands survive an unbelievable tragedy.


2017 Annual Report

Things are different from the darker, hardscrabble times after the Soviet Union’s collapse, from which we pulled through and continued to rise with powerful purpose. We called for solidarity from the diaspora, for support to build our beloved Armenia, together. And you have answered us. You have done so by supporting our programs, not only financially but also through your unique involvement.


2016 Annual Report

Bearing witness can make all the difference in the world. It can capture our hearts. It can open up our minds. It can compel us to act.


2015 Annual Report

This year was a difficult one for many charities.
Raising more support is always a challenge with
each passing year but in 2015, as usual, FAR rose
to that challenge and you, our loyal supporters,
continued to stand with us in solidarity.


2014 Annual Report

In November, we lost the founding member of the family that makes up Fund for Armenian Relief when Doctor Edgar M. Housepian passed away at the age of 86. While it would be impossible to capture in just a few words the essence of what
made him a truly special and unique soul, we can continue to reflect on and be inspired by his work.


2013 Annual Report

This was an exceptional year for Fund for Armenian Relief and we are especially proud of our annual report. Thanks to your trust and support we were able to raise more funds in 2013 than ever before and we were able to commence new, more ambitious projects…


2012 Annual Report

In September, FAR held the very first forum celebrating ANSEF and its 12 successful years of providing opportunity to Armenia’s leading scientists and researchers. Held at the Armenian
National Academy of Sciences, the event was attended by distinguished guests from the U.S. and Armenia who acknowledged the great work and tremendous assistance that the ANSEF program has
provided in promoting the…


2011 Annual Report

The Armenian National Science and Education Fund promotes social and economic growth by sustaining world class scientific research and innovation in Armenia through competitive research grants to a select number of Armenia’s scientists..


2010 Annual Report

Once again, your unwavering support has enabled us to foster the growth of a stronger Armenia. In 2010 we began the third decade of FAR’s work with strength and determination.


2009 Annual Report

Twenty years. Thinking back, we can clearly remember hearing the shocking news on that cold December day when the earth shook our motherland to its core. Buildings lay in shambles. Homes were demolished and thousands killed. Even those of us who weren’t there to witness the scene in Spitak and Gyumri could easily imagine its horror.


2008 Annual Report

These, no doubt, are challenging economic times. But often when such challenges abound we are able to witness resilience and dedication. Over the course of 2008, we proved that the Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) does not waver. This is because of you. Through your support, in 2008 our message continued to ring true to our brothers and sisters in Armenia: We stand by you and we will not let our support falter.


2007 Annual Report

The Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) had an incredible year in 2007! Not only did FAR continue its well-known programs benefi ting Armenia’s children, orphans, young adults, professionals, and elderly, it also grew as an organization. FAR was awarded four stars by Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent evaluator of charities. Their letter informing us of this rating said:


2006 Annual Report

For Armenia, 2006 was not just another year. It marked the 15th anniversary of an independent Republic of Armenia. We have seen the Armenian people face many challenges and hardships. Through it all, however, we know their spirits have been bolstered knowing their brothers, sisters, and friends throughout the globe stand with them.


2005 Annual Report

Thanks to a loyal family of supporters, FAR makes a difference to thousands of our brother and sister Armenians. Your love gifts of money, in-kind donations, and expertise make life a little better. But beyond that, your partnership with FAR offers hope and more promising prospects to Armenia, Karabagh, and Javakhk, binding the Diaspora and the Armenian family together around the globe.

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