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Ayo! Campaign Receives Notable Support from Illinois Parish

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Since the first cases of COVID-19 were reported in Armenia, Ayo! has tirelessly raised money to support its emergency campaign, which has brought food and hygiene packages to more than 2,400 in need and more than 36,500 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) items to hospitals in three different regions of Armenia. The campaign’s success has been made possible through supporters like Sts. Joachim & Anne Armenian Apostolic Church of Palos Heights, IL which donated more than $10,000 to Ayo! during June and July. 

“We were compelled to help because Christ calls us to help. We were also mindful of the fact that Armenia needs help from the diaspora on an ongoing basis to meet their immediate needs and to help them to develop,” said Father Tavit Boyajian, whose church is a longtime supporter of FAR.

The donation is particularly notable given the tough times brought on by the pandemic, and with a Parish Council concerned about lower attendance, Father Tavit said he only expected a $2,000 donation to be approved.

“Sending the $10,000 was overwhelmingly approved by our church stewards; some sent in funds to defray our donation, which we were taking out of our savings. Others sent funds to be added to the $10,000. I felt the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit when the Parish Council recommended the $10,000 amount,” he said.

The donation from Sts. Joachim & Anne Armenian Church will enable Ayo! to continue to reach even more individuals who have been financially impacted by the Armenian government’s lockdown and restrictions due to COVID-19, in addition to healthcare workers on the frontlines. 


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