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Beneficiaries Stories - Nairi from Javakhk

Nairi was just a child when she started attending FAR’s Nor Njar Soup Kitchen fifteen years ago. At that time, Armenia was going through some of its darkest years and Nairi’s family was in dire straits. Her brother was particularly disturbed, and would often beat her.

One day, the beatings went too far, and Nairi’s vision became severely impaired. She had completely lost vision in one eye, and retained only 40% vision in the other eye. The Soup Kitchen staff, who treated Nairi as though she was their daughter, took her under their wing.

Today, the three cooks working in the soup kitchen tear up when they talk about Nairi. She has left FAR’s Nor Njar Soup Kitchen, and has just gotten married to a man in Javakhk. Nairi’s husband also suffers from physical disabilities, and they have found comfort in one another.

The three cooks from the Nor Njar soup kitchen gathered their savings, and prepared a suitcase filled with all of the necessities for Nairi’s new married life, from slippers to bedcovers. When Nairi’s mom opened the suitcase before her departure to Javakhk, she couldn’t believe her eyes. No matter what, Nairi will always have the love and support of FAR’s Nor Njar Soup Kitchen staff.


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