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Beneficiary Profile – Anahit.

Five-year-old Anahit* recently came to the FAR Children’s Centerafter being abandoned by her mother and her alcoholic father. She was thrown out of her house and was forced to live in the streets where she befriended a stray dog that she slept next to in order to keep warm. After neighbors began to notice Anahit sleeping outside, they called the Center’s child protection hotline.

Found cold, expressionless and silent by center staff, Anahit was immediately taken in to the Center’s care. Her five siblings were subsequently taken from her parents. Some were placed in orphanages and others were put under the care of their grandparents who are reluctant to take care of Anahit because she has health problems and struggles with speech and language.

Since arriving at the Children’s Center, Anahit hasn’t spoken much and struggles with her words. She is now working with a speech therapist and learning how to pronounce phrases like “it’s mine,” “thank you” and “let’s play.” Each day Anahit continues to grow and become more comfortable with her surroundings.

*Her name has been changed to protect her identity.


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