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Book Review: The Gendarme by Mark T. Mustian.

“Armenians tend to portray Turks as villains and heartless enemies. They are not often humanized in the way Mustian has. I am not certain if any other author, Armenian, Turk, or one of another nationality has attempted this.”

— Mark Gavoor

I just finished this book which I received as a Christmas present. When I first read the dust jacket blurb, I thought: "eh... I am not sure I will enjoy this. The premise is too far fetched." I read it because I was interested, call it morbid curiosity if you would like, in seeing how the author, Mark Mustian, would develop the plot.

I also read it because I have, as many Armenians do, an equally morbid curiosity in hashing, re-hashing, and forever trying to make sense of the Armenian Genocide. So, I read it the book and must commend Mark Mustian for weaving what I believed was a lame premise into a very good and engaging novel.


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