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Celine's Dispatches - FAR's Intern in Armenia - We’ll miss you, Celine

Prior to her internship at the FAR Yerevan Office, Celine Kaladjian had an opportunity to participate in the FAR Young Professionals’ Trip, which gave her a great opportunity to tour the country with other young Armenians. However, this was not Celine’s first trip to Armenia.

Born in Marseilles, France, Celine was raised in an Armenian district of the city. Currently, Celine studies at University of Bordeaux III (France). She first discovered Armenia in stories documented by her great-grandparents, emigrants from Western Region of Armenia in 1922. But only the death of Celine’s grandparents in 2005 motivated her to visit Armenia for the first time.

In June 2009, Celine visited Armenia for the second time. On her second visit she wrote: “I felt like I was back home”. Two months were enough for the young Armenian girl to get involved in various FAR programs and visit many corners of Armenia. She shared her impressions with our FAR supports, through many stories she wrote for the blog.

Celine quickly made friends with FAR Yerevan and Gyumri employees, enjoying the open and warm atmosphere in the FAR offices. Everybody at FAR was truly saddened by Celine’s departure.

One of the benefits of Celine’s internship in Armenia is that she also started learning the Armenian language! We believe that on her next visit, Celine will communicate with her Armenian friends through her beautiful Armenian language. We are looking forward to seeing

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