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Crafting Futures through Cheese-making

Updated: May 7

Gor Tadevosyan is currently exploring the world of cheesemaking with fervor! He's enrolled in the "Suluguni and Processed Cheese Production Technology" course at the Armenian National Agrarian University’s Sisian Branch’s Milk and Dairy Experimental Laboratory.

Driven by his love for rural life and animal husbandry, Gor made a bold move, leaving urban living behind to settle in the quiet village of Ishkanasar. Equipped with skills honed during his time in Russia where he went for work, Gor returned to Armenia in 2016 with a clear vision: to create the life he's always dreamt of. He began building a cheese factory from scratch all by himself over the course of a year. Now, he's on the brink of bringing his dream to life, with only the final touches remaining.

In the course facilitated by the FAR's Support for Artsakh's Displaced project, Gor and his peers, the majority of whom are displaced from Artsakh, are currently delving deep into every aspect of cheesemaking, from understanding milk chemistry to mastering processing techniques.


Throughout hands-on classes, held under the guidance of the skilled trainer Vergine Avagyan, the participants are discovering how to determine crucial cheese parameters like moisture, fat content, and salt levels. These practical sessions aren't just about learning – they're about experiencing the magic of cheesemaking firsthand.

"When I'm in the laboratory, turning milk into cheese, time flies by unnoticed. It's like I'm in my element – if it weren't for the clock, I could spend hours lost in the process," Gor says with a beaming smile. "Crafting cheese isn't just a job for me; it's a passion that keeps me going.”

To assist young entrepreneurs in pursuing a dream and transforming passion into profession, please donate to FAR today.

The Support for Artsakh's Displaced project, launched in 2021, aims to aid the resettlement of the most vulnerable individuals affected by the Artsakh war. Its comprehensive approach includes providing shelter and housing solutions, emergency relief and cash assistance, education, economic empowerment, and healthcare services. The project has also targeted disadvantaged individuals residing in the Sisian Region of Armenia's Syunik Province.


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