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Dispatches from Armenia - Loving Armenia’s Moments.

In some of my previous posts I touched on cultural experiences — braving Yerevan’s traffic, struggling to communicate with my non-existent Armenian, for instance. Those were just a few examples of the funny and unusual daily adventures I’ve had here so far.

The other day I read an opinion piece from “The Armenian Weekly” about the author’s quirky, humorous and, yes, extraordinary experiences. Written by another Armenian I’ve been privileged to have met during my time here, I’m proud to say that I knew some of the stories before they were published. The article made me appreciate even more my own funny Armenian moments, some of them perplexing (like how a local pizza restaurant can be out of pizza for a month) and some of them delightful (like when a stranger went out of his way for 45 minutes to help me activate my cell phone for no apparent reason). These kinds of stories are not only a great part of international travel and living, they are part of what I love most about being in a foreign land and they have taught me to love Armenia even more.

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