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FAR Helps Family After a Tragic Loss

Earlier this year, 11-year-old Ruzanna and 7-year-old Ashot Hovakimyan received their very first CASP stipends, which will provide them with annualfinancial support from patrons in the U.S. until they turn 18.

Their father Artur committed suicide seven years ago. After his death their mother Ofelya moved from their home in Artsakh to Sisian Province to beclose to her parents.

“I love Sisian. I was born and raised here. Here, I have more opportunities to make a good living for my kids,” said Ofelya who recently found a job as a cleaner at Sisian Cultural House. Still, the salary is not enough to make ends meet, even with the state child support benefit she receives. Then she heard about CASP and applied.

CASP now helps Ofelya to afford some basics for Ashot and Ruzanna, like clothing and school supplies. It is also helping her to save some money and afford "luxuries" like textiles and supplies for Ruzanna who loves to sew.

"Ashot wants to attend a karate club,” she said. “Hopefully we can make it happen next summer.”


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