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Filmmaker Hagop Goudsouzian Discusses ‘Armenian Minstrels’.

Southern California's KCET will premiere filmmaker Hagop Goudsouzian's new documentary "Armenian Minstrels" on April 5. Q&A with the filmmaker below.

By Georges Adourian via

KCET will premiere filmmaker Hagop Goudsouzian’s new documentary “Armenian Minstrels” on Tuesday, April 5. Asbarez’s Georges Adourian caught up with the director to discuss his new film and his passion for filmmaking.

Below is the interview:

Geroges Adourian: What is your new film about?

Hagop Goudsouzian: One of the first people I met in Armenia was Professor Alina Pahlivanian. As we were talking about the essence of Armenian folk music she stops in the middle of the conversation, picks up the phone and calls someone, “Tovmas I have a guest from Canada can you arrange two tickets for your concert.” She hang up looked at me and said you are going to a concert tomorrow evening.


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