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For Jerusalem’s Armenians, 1,600 Years of History & an Uncertain Future.

For years, Jerusalem’s Armenian population has slowly dwindled. A recent Washington Post article takes a bit of a closer look on this pocket of the Diaspora.

JERUSALEM — One of the four quarters of old Jerusalem belongs to the Armenians, keepers of an ancient monastery and library, heirs to a tragic history and to a stubborn 1,600-year presence that some fear is now in doubt.

Buffeted by Mideast forces more powerful than themselves and drawn by better lives elsewhere, this historic Jerusalem community has seen its numbers quietly drop below 1,000 people. The Armenians, led by an ailing 94-year-old patriarch, find themselves caught between Jews and Muslims in a Middle East emptying of Christians, and between a deep sense of belonging in Jerusalem and a realization that their future might lie elsewhere.


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