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For Marie Adamyan, Travel is a Source of Inspiration.

Artist Marie Adamyan is currently exhibiting her silk paintings at the Bureaucrat Bookstore in Yerevan. This particular show, entitled From the Travel Sketchbookincludes all the work she created between 2010 and 2011.

The joyful and bright colors in Marie’s paintings evoke a pleasant, flattering mood for the viewer. Beautiful cities like Venice, London, Prague, Florence, Amsterdam and many others are depicted in her art with rich, warm colors that create a fairy tale atmosphere and exude the optimism and liveliness of childhood. In addition to her paintings, Marie’s beautiful hand painted scarves were also a part of the show.

An architect by profession who graduated from Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction, Marie has been painting since her childhood and cannot imagine her lifewithout it. She works with different techniques and mediums, including graphics, oils, silks, batik, etc. She also teaches painting at Democracy Today, a local NGO.

Since 2003, she has actively participated in various exhibitions in Armenia and abroad in places like London, Portugal, the USA, Germany and France. In 2007, she represented Armenia at the International Silk Painters Festival in Essex, England. In 2009, Marie participated in the exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of Yerevan and donated one of her silk paintings called The Tree of Life to the Yerevan History Museum. Marie has participated in more than 30 group exhibitions in Armenia. From the Travel Sketchbook is her fourth solo exhibition.

“Traveling for me is an expression of life and freedom, during which feelings are awakened. The perceptions of colors, smells and sounds become sharper. Real travel is not a mere movement in space, but is an opportunity to feel, realize and understand the world,” explained Marie, who added. “The world is rich with variety and diversity, and that richness belongs to all of humanity. Very often we don’t notice the huge role of that heritage. During recent years I have been lucky enough to travel in different parts of the world. Through my paintings, I try to express my personal and sensitive perceptions, the colorful moods and environments of different cities.”

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