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Getting to Know Jack Kevorkian.

If you still haven’t seen it, here’s a little more insight into You Don’t Know Jack. By Christopher Atamian via Ararat Magazine You Don’t Know Jack, a 2010 Telefilm, 134 mins, Directed by Barry Levinson, Produced by HBO Films; Scott Ferguson and Lydia Dean, Written by Adam Mazer In media res: director Barry Levinson’s great strength stylistically in the HBO telefilm You Don’t Know Jack is to plunge the viewer straight into Jack Kevorkian’s universe. Al Pacino is remarkable as Dr. Kevorkian, more familiarly known by his sobriquet Dr. Death. Pacino, who won a Golden Globe for his stirring performance, becomes one with his role. Fiction and reality blur for the viewer — this is the same brilliant, charismatic Pacino that we fell in love with in Needle Park and later in Serpico and The Godfather series. When we first meet Kevorkian in this remarkable 2010 telefilm, he seems eerily familiar, like a long-lost and more than slightly eccentric family member.


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