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“Hands off Minas!” - Gyumri Pressure Group Insists Famous Painter’s Frescos Belong in Shirak.

Gyumretzis like to keep their art close to home.

A group in Armenia’s second largest city of Gyumri concerned with the preservation of cultural heritage has raised more issues regarding government plans to transport the frescos of a famous Soviet-Armenian painter and native of the northern Shirak province to capital Yerevan for a permanent public display.

The Committee for the Protection of Gyumri’s Historical-Cultural Immovable Monuments and Movable Values issued a statement on Thursday “expressing the concern on behalf of the intelligentsia, artists, thousands of people of Gyumri and beyond” regarding the initiative to display two of Minas Avetisyan’s murals at Zvartnots Airport’s new terminal. It believes the paintings are part of the Shirak province’s cultural heritage and should stay there.


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