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In Armenia and Diaspora, A Call for Help.

Two Armenians — one in Los Angeles and one in the Diaspora — are desperate for the support for a bone marrow transplant and treatment for breast cancer. See how you can help.

By Liana Aghajanian via ianyan Mag

In Los Angeles, 26-year-old Steve Bodozian was diagnosed with acute leukemia and now needs a bone marrow donor match to save his life – afairly daunting task considering his Armenian ancestry, since due to unique genetic makeup, Armenians are matched with great difficulty. Seven thousand miles away in Yerevan, a mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer, in need of Herceptin, a drug that will cost a total of $54,000 – an amount more than the average person makes in one year.

One needs a medical match and the other monetary, but both are asking for assistance to improve their health and their lives.


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