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My Uncle Rafael Bringing Armenians to Hollywood.

Uncle Rafael is bringing Armenians to a broader audience.

With their second biggest diaspora community living in tinsel town, it’s no surprise that Armenians have occasionally popped up in films (Sideways, Must Love Dogs) and made memorable appearances in television as well – the headline-grabbing Armenian Mob was previously featured in The Shield and Weeds, while Principle Skinner, aka Armin Tamzarian of the Simpsons has been a memorable character for worldwide audiences for two decades.

“My Uncle Rafael,” however, with its smartalec, stubborn, rosary wielding 70-year-old namesake character developed and played by Vahik “Vick” Pirhamzei during his time in theater, hopes to turn the small and occasional supporting appearances into a robust lead role that can widely introduce Armenian culture to American audiences across the country.


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