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New Web Site Chronicles Armenians’ Contributions to Baku.

Good job indeed. The new website is dedicated to Armenian community in Baku.

YEREVAN (ArmRadio)—The first oil pipeline, the first opera theatre, the first library and many other things in Baku were built by Armenians. The majority of businessmen, architects, doctors and photographers in Baku were Armenian. To chronicle these advances and contribution the Armenian Genocide Museum Institute launched a new Web site called

The sections on the Web site include “History of Baku,” “Lithographic pictures,” “Baku in old postcards,” “Muslims in Baku” and “Armenians in Baku” among others.

The purpose of the site is to educate the public about the prosperous past and rich history of the Armenian community of Baku, which was effectively uprooted after Azeri forces drove out the Armenian population through forced deportations and pogroms in 1990.

Click here to read more about the presentation of website.


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