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Partnership Changes Hintlian School for the Better.

When I asked Razmik Dallakyan, a sixth grader at the Gayan Avan Hovhannes Hintlian School how he felt, he replied, “Now, I can breathe.” Razmik was born unable to breathe through his nose properly, causing respiratory difficulties throughout his life. For years, he was in need of corrective surgery, which was never a possibility because of its high cost. Razmik’s parents have been unemployed for years. Fortunately, the Constantinople Armenians Relief Society (CARS) recently decided to cover the surgery.

Recently, several FAR staff members visited the Hintlian School, where we met Razmik in the nurse’s office as he was being examined. CARS is also the reason that Hintlian has been able to keep a nurse on staff. Seda Aghbalyan has been working there for two years, thanks to CARS’ support, which also covers the salaries of four other staff members. This assistance is invaluable in a region like Davush, which is plagued with economic hardship.

Thanks to the effective cooperation between CARS and FAR, over the past few years the Hintlian School has received new stationary, supplies and equipment. This support has truly helped to promote an attitude of better academic progress among the students. Each year several school children receive awards at the “Kangaroo” International Competition and the Republican School Olympiads. Furthermore, strengthening the spirit of the population of the Armenian-Azeri border villages of Gayan, Aikehovit and Azadamud, has been made possible because of this school. Families continue to grow. Even the Razmik’s family was blessed with a new member - a baby girl - the day we arrived.


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