Serj Tankian Sets Release Date for His "Imperfect Harmonies".

Serj Tankian plans to release his second solo album, Imperfect Harmonies on September 7th. Serj refers to the new tracks as, “…music that has sat in the vat and matured to a ripe sensation and is now ready to serve.” The System of a Down frontman won a Grammy with the group for Best Hard Rock Performance in 2006 for the song B.Y.O.B.


Imperfect Harmonies is as powerful and musically eclectic as its predecessor. “I have been calling the music ‘electro-orchestral-jazz-rock’ because it has all of those aspects in prominence within the songs,” Tankian says. “A few are more stripped down, but the majority of the songs have this huge wall of sound presented in a way I've never heard before. It's not common to have a song that is both electronic and orchestral since one is synthetic and the other organic, but I found a way of meshing a lot of these colors together.”

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Click to listen to the new song, performed live.

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