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Supporting Innovation in Armenia is Our Tradition

Continuing in our tradition to encourage research in innovation meant to push Armenia forward, FAR’s Yervant Terzian Armenian National Science and Education Fund (ANSEF) recently awarded grants to 28 research groups (84 scientists in total).

The $5,000 grants will enable each group to progress in their work in fields as varied as biology, biotechnology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, agriculture, archeology, and history--and stay in their home country to do so.

Twelve out of 28 of this year’s group leaders are young researchers under the age of 35, and 17 of the leaders are women.

“ANSEF has supported Armenian scientists for the past two decades. It’simpact is quite tangible. It gives young scholars an opportunity to start research, test their abilities, and push their projects from idea to implementation,” said ANSEF & Education Program Director Eduard Karapetyan during his speech at the grant distribution ceremony, which took place on May 21st at the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia.

Since ANSEF began 21 years ago, 540 scientific groups made up of about 2,000 scholars, have received grants collectively totaling $2.7 million.


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