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Tata Simonyan Plays To Thousands In Los Angeles.

Armenian singer Tata Simonyan performs a concert at the Staples Center, Los Angeles.

Around 13,000 Armenians crowded into Staples Center Sunday night (epically dated 10-10-10) to watch beloved Armenian pop star and sometimes national treasure Tata Simonyan belt out popular hits such as “Tesel Em,” “Tsaghigner” and “Hollywood” in an event that can only described with one appropriate word: kef.

Joined by Russian girl group Reflex, Georgian-born Russian singer Soso Pavliashvili and Armenia’s 2010 Eurovision representative Eva Rivas, Simonyan sang to an enthusiastic crowd with enough gold, glitter and designer threads on to rival a European shopping outlet full of Ed Hardy, Affliction and Christian Louboutin who regularly could be seen dancing in the aisles, clapping and singing along.


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