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“The Knock at the Door” Receives Further Acclaim.

Just one year ago, the Armenian translation of Margaret Ajemian Ahnert’s book The Knock at the Door was presented at the Armenian Genocide Museum–Institute’s Komitas Hall. Armenian readers welcomed the book’s arrival and the author was awarded with the Museum–Institute’s honorable “Musa Dagh Battle” medal.

The Knock at the Door, a book that captures the Genocide from the eyes of a young girl, continues to draw audiences from around the world. Margaret recently returned from Mexico City where the book’s Spanish translation was held at the Holocaust Museum.

“This response was unexpected,” Margaret said. “Mexican society was in full force. I am blessed. My mother Ester is moving the checkers around again.” Press heavily covered the event and Margaret conducted a 45-minute televised interview.

The Knock at the Door was published in English in 2007, the same year it was awarded with the USA Book News’ award for “Best Book of 2007.” In 2008, it was recognized as “Best Historical Memoir” at the New York Book Festival. The Knock at the Door depicts the terrifying memories of the author’s mother Ester Minerajian Ajemian of the Armenian Genocide and its tragic consequences. Ester was born in Amasia in 1900.

Robert Morgenthau (grandson of Henri Morgenthau, United States Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire during World War I) said the following about the book: “The Knock at the Door is an inspiring, beautifully written chronicle of one of the worst eras in human history. Had such books been written long ago another Holocaust, which followed twenty-five years later, might never have happened.”

Also, days before the book’s Mexico City release, the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations (NECO) awarded the 25th Annual Ellis Island Medals of Honor to American Citizens of diverse ethnicities whose influence and achievements are inspiring. Margaret’s name tops the NECO list. The Ellis Island Medals of Honor will be presented in New York on May 7. We cordially congratulate Margaret and wish her good luck and success in further endeavors.

The Russian translation of the book The Knock at the Door will be completed soon and its presentation most likely will be held in Moscow.

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