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Thousands Gather in Times Square to Commemorate 96th Anniversary of Genocide.

New Yorkers gathered last Sunday to commemorate the genocide. 

NEW YORK—On Sunday afternoon, May 1, as thousands of people gathered at the crossroads of America to honor the martyrs of the Armenian genocide, the message to the world was clear: While almost a century has passed, and Turkish denial is stronger than ever, the Armenian genocide will not be forgotten and it will remain an important part of history.

Supporting this message in the middle of Times Square on a beautiful, clear day, were some of the country’s most respected politicians, who have continuously and tirelessly fought for U.S. and global recognition of the Armenian genocide.

Citing the Armenian Genocide as “one of the worst genocides in world history,” U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), said the Armenian genocide and the Holocaust were “intrinsically related,” and if the world had stopped the Armenian Genocide, the Holocaust may not have occurred.


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