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Tony Iommi – “I Had a Riff and Ian Gillan Liked It”.

More on Iommi and Gillan's album, which will raise money for the Octet school.


Yerevan/Mediamax/. On May 6, German earMUSIC/Edel will release the CD single of WhoCares ad-hoc band, set up by the vocalist of "Deep Purple" Ian Gillan and the guitarist of "Black Sabbath" Tony Iommi for fundraising for the Armenian music school.

On the eve of the release Tony Iommi talked to Mediamax.

- WhoCares became your first experience of joint songwriting with Ian Gillan after he joined Black Sabbath for one year in 1983. What was this new experience like and have you drew some parallels between the new and old cooperation?

- The new one was better because we were sitting together, Ian came to my house. On “Born Again” we put down the backing tracks first and then Ian came and sang after. This was a closer collaboration, I enjoy his company.

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