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Update on Ayo!'s COVID-19 Emergency Campaign

Ayo!’s Emergency Campaign to Now Also Provide Protective Medical Equipment to Hospitals

Ayo!’s COVID-19 Emergency Campaign is still going strong. FAR’s crowdfunding initiative has raised more than $73,000, which has provided food packages and hygiene kits to nearly 2,000 beneficiaries, 322 of whom are first-time recipients. Now, in addition to food and hygiene packages, Ayo! has also started to distribute Personal Protective Gear (PPE) to medical personnel at local hospitals.

Since the government began easing lockdown restrictions, Armenia has seen its COVID cases increase, and PPE is in even higher demand from hospitals in Yerevan and in other regions. 

The campaign has assisted individuals and families throughout six different regions of Armenia who have been financially impacted by Armenia’s government lockdown, including school cooks and cleaners; single-mothers of children with disabilities; and school and soup kitchen staff for FAR’s school nutrition and soup kitchen projects, among others.


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