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Yerevan Portrait – Vernissage.

Every city has its own portrait, its own unique style that shows its past and present. In Yerevan there is a corner of the city called Vernissage, an outdoor market, rich with its symbolic artwork handcrafted by Armenian artists. Here you may find different antiques, khachkars, ornaments, canvases, Armenian flags and backgammon boards carved from oak, or wood from the nut tree, with pictures of Mount Ararat or Tsitsernakaberd depicted on their covers.

It is also impossible to visit Vernissage and miss the most mystical object, the pomegranate. Rarely, would a visitor pass by these souvenirs without purchasing one.

Vernissage, with its kind sellers and mix of visitors, is always a delight.

Betgehem Arabyan is one of this year’s Margaret Ajemian Ahnert Journalism Scholars.

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