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Small Business Assistance for Syrian Entrepreneurs (SBA)

SBA was launched in 2016 to help displaced Syrian-Armenian startup entrepreneurs economically integrate and develop their own businesses in Armenia. SBA enables them to overcome discrimination and barriers to employment, and move ahead with entrepreneurial endeavors in order to achieve greater stability. 


SBA grants help recipients to either launch their own new business or further develop their already established business. Selected enterprises include those that specialize in jewelry, food, furniture repair, fitness, mechanics and language learning.

The SBA program was made possible thanks to visionary generosity of Howard and Catherine Atesian Family from Michigan.

“FAR’s support came at the right time. I wanted to renovate the lobby of the space, which was not appealing at all and I believed would discourage clients from joining. I also bought new equipment for the yoga and fitness studios. Now, it’s nice, modern and equipped with everything needed to make the experience truly blissful for my clients. I have doubled my client base and my business is growing.”

—Liana Pakhdigian, Syrian-Armenian Entrepreneur and SBA grant recipient

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