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A New Chapter of Love and Parenthood

The Barseghyans' home has been filled with laughter, warmth, and the pitter-patter of little feet for the past six months. Little Max, affectionately called their "reason for living," has transformed the lives of Narine, 46, and Tigran, 44, a couple who had been married for seven years without a child. Max's arrival brought them a new sense of purpose and joy, redefining their dreams and aspirations.

Narine vividly recalls the day she met Max. It was December 8th, 2023, at the FAR Child Protection Center. Max was a child in need of a loving home, having been abandoned by his mother in 2022. The moment they met, a connection was forged that neither Narine nor Max could deny. "He ran towards me and hugged me tightly like a son would hug his mom after a long break. My heart just melted," she recounts with a smile. That was the moment she knew they would become a foster family, regardless of the challenges ahead.

Narine, a teacher of national song and dance, had undergone extensive training at the FAR Child Protection Center to qualify as a foster parent. Since bringing Max into their home, she has embraced the role of a full-time mother, dedicating her days to nurturing and teaching Max about his heritage. In her spare time, she introduces him to traditional Armenian dances like Tamzara, creating moments of joy and connection that will last a lifetime.

"My life has gained content and color since Max joined us," Narine reflects. "It's been just a few months, but it feels like we've been together for our whole life." This bond is evident in the simple moments they share—reading bedtime stories, singing lullabies, and watching Max's imagination come alive with tales like "The Three Little Pigs."

Max now spends his days exploring the world, attending kindergarten, and playing to his heart's content. Narine and Tigran have opened their hearts to Max, and in doing so, they've opened a new chapter in their own lives—one filled with hope, laughter, and the beauty of parenthood.

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