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A Song and Dance Story

From folk music to classical to traditional ashugh, Artsvaberd Choir has been charming audiences for the past five years, while also helping them better get to know Armenian song and dance.

The Artsvaberd Choir was founded in 2016 within FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP), as part of the project’s extracurricular program, which offers outlets to children in rural areas who often have none. The choir group consists of 45 students who attend lessons twice a week.

Their recent 5th-anniversary concert called “Us and Our Songs” told the story of Armenia’s national song and dance.

“When I first set foot in the school I faced a total lack of knowledge about music, as they hadn’t had a teacher for ages,” said choir instructor Anna Avetyan. “It was FAR who helped us and provided the kids with the basics for the lessons, like sheet music, and now, thanks to FAR, my students have learned and built their inner confidence.”

BCPP is supported by the Mardigian Foundation.

Such extracurricular initiatives are vital to building community and enriching the lives of youth. To support FAR’s integrated programs, consider donating to FAR today.


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