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A Very Dangerous Situation for Armenia.

“I know people do not like to hear negative, bad or sad news about our Hayastan. But it is out there and everyone knows about it. Without misunderstanding, I have to ask — how many people know that more than 50 Armenian diplomatic corps members have not returned to the homeland and are living in a different and a more comfortable country and they say: People have one life to live, and we want to live in better conditions.”

-- Professor Osheen Keshishian

Emigration is certainly a huge problem for Armenia and it will not change without increased government transparency, greater respect for human rights and an end to corruption. Read more about it in Dr. Keshishian’s insightful piece and in Marina Bazayeva’s recent post.

By Osheen Keshishian via

Armenia has many problems just like any other country in the world. There can’t be a nation without problems, however, the point is being able to correct them, improve them, change them.

Armenia’s major problem is emigration — people are leaving the country. Actually it is the most important issue facing Armenia.More and more people are leaving Armenia emigrating to different countries— basically to Russia, 65% of those wishing to leave prefer Russia, then the Ukraine. The United States is a dream, and it is the third most wanted place to go, but it is not easy to immigrate to the United States.


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