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AAHPO-FAR Collaboration for Karabagh and Javakhk Successfully Moves Ahead.

Four more doctors from Karabagh and Javakhk finished their month of Continuing Medical Education Program (CME)  training on April 29. Their participation is made possible through a collaboration between CME and the Armenian American Health Professionals Organization (AAHPO), which is geared toward offering additional medical training specifically to doctors in Nagorno-Karabagh and Javakhk, two areas where currently there are no opportunities to do so. Until now, physicians have been expected to travel to Yerevan to receive training, but low salaries make such an opportunity largely unattainable. For these physicians training has, in many ways, become a luxury.

Surgeon Ruben Baghdasaryan, Mirza Goroyan, an ENT, Anoush Avanesyan, an infectious disease specialist, and Hasmik Ghahramanyan, a pediatrician, were April’s participants.


Gevorg Proshyan, a gynecologist, Anahit Pepanyan, a radiologist, Sirvard Aghazaryan, a laboratory physician, and Narine Kheranya, a therapist, from the Armenian regions of Artashat, Vanadzor and Ashtarak, also completed the program. Each participant presented their clinical case studies during a graduation ceremony at FAR’s Yerevan office last week.


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