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Abandoned hearts found love and connection through FAR

Arsen and Nelly, now both 27, met at the Vanadzor orphanage when they were teens, finding solace and support in each other's company. Thanks to FAR's assistance, they transitioned into a stable, nurturing family, now blessed with two children: Tigran, aged 4, and Nona, aged 1.9.

With the help of FAR's Gulamerian scholarship, Nelly pursued hairstyling courses and obtained necessary equipment. Later, she furthered her education at the Yerevan Crisis Management State Academy.  Their shared passion for music led them to attend vocal classes at the orphanage, where they often performed Sayat-Nova together. However, Arsen's military service caused a pause in their relationship, only to be reignited when they crossed paths again at the Academy, where Arsen pursued training in rescue services with FAR's support.

In 2018, they decided to tie the knot, and FAR provided essential support by assisting with the purchase of furniture and kitchenware for their new home. Currently, they reside in their own house, with Arsen working as a rescuer while Nelly takes care of their children.

Reflecting on Valentine's Day, Arsen fondly remembers the first time he bought flowers for Nelly, despite her initial rejection. Now, he makes it a tradition to buy them every 27th of the month, symbolizing their marriage anniversary on April 27th.

"We've faced numerous challenges as a family, but together, we've overcome them all, striving to set a positive example for our children. Being young parents and an orphanage alumni couple has its hurdles, but we take pride in our love and care for each other. That's what truly matters to both of us," Arsen shared.

This Valentine's Day, join us in empowering couples like Arsen and Nelly to build enduring and resilient families. Donate to FAR today and make a lasting difference.


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