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Ahnert Scholar Profile – Naira Hambartsumyan.

Naira Hambartsumyan is one of five female journalism students selected for FAR’s 2010-2011 Margaret Ajemian Ahnert Scholarship Program. An outstanding student, Naira also constantly works hard to improve her professional skills. Naira attends “Mitk” (thought) Analytical Center’s training program, which is dedicated to teaching national history and cultural values through new technology. Through this program, Naira and other participants have organized cultural learning trips to Armenia’s historical landmarks. They’ve also organized a flash mob dedicated to the union of Armenia with Nagorno-Karabagh. Naira’s own report “Armenian National Music” was chosen by the program’s organizers to be published in local newspapers.

“I’ve learned quite a bit from those I work with, particularly journalism skills,” Naira said. She also promised to continue illustrating the theme of Armenia’s national history and culture in her articles.

Naira has other achievements too, of course. She started her foray into journalism at a young age when she wrote for the children’s newspapers Khatutik and Happy Willy, and participated in the youth programs at the Public Radio of Armenia and Hayrenik TV channel. Today she reports for the newspaper Eter Weekly’s youth page. Naira also works at the Hay Aspet Foundation as a media and PR specialist.

“After studying journalism for several years, I understand that Armenian journalism needs serious professionals,” said Naira. It is her hope to become one of them.

Read Naira’s previous articles on FAR’s blog:


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