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All I want for Christmas is back home to my Doby

In a tiny room, furnished with two beds and a modest table flanked by a pair of chairs, the autumn evening light struggles to penetrate the windows of Armen's room. During the day, the room transforms into a study and gathering area, while at night, it serves as his bedroom.

It takes Armen 15 minutes to complete his cherished painting of Doby, his beloved pet who had fled the Azeri military point a few years before and found liberty with him. After three attempts, the 13-year-old boy finally finishes the artwork, which serves as a symbol of his Christmas wish and a lifelong dream.

“I couldn’t take Doby with me, neither could I Murka” he wipes tears from his eyes and goes on: “There was no more space in the car. I told them to stay safe, avoid the Azeri siege, and just survive.”

The journey from Artsakh to Armenia was a tough one for Armen Gasparyan and his family. He left behind his cherished dog and cat, his friends, and his village Patara in Askeran region, which, according to Armen, was the best place in Artsakh.

For the last month Armen's family, a party of six, has found temporary refuge at the Byurakan Observatory, where approximately forty other people are also seeking shelter. Since early October, FAR has been providing humanitarian aid to about 14,000 displaced people, including families at the Byurakan Observatory.

While Armen acknowledges that life is safe and secure there, it's just not the same as Artsakh, where he grew up and dreamed of becoming a soccer player in Askeran, making his village famous.

"There's no football club here in Byurakan, but Anna promised to find me one."

Anna, aged 26, is Armen's older sister. She used to work at an astronomy laboratory in Artsakh and, upon arriving in Byurakan, was fortunate to secure a full-time job as a researcher. "I'm one of the lucky ones who found work on our second day in Byurakan," Anna said. She couldn't achieve much in Artsakh, but she's hopeful about reaching greater heights in Byurakan.

To help Armen and Anna rebuild their lives and continue their education with dignity, we ask for your support. Stand with us, and together, we can help them achieve their lifelong dreams by making donations to FAR today.


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