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And Now For Something Completely Different – Soccer IIX.

No more Argentina and it’s a sad day for Edik, Hambartsum, and me. Germany played a great game, though, and I have to say that their unselfish teamwork may take them all the way through…maybe even past Spain tomorrow. The German team was clearly thoughtful in their approach on Saturday and they targeted the clear weaknesses in Argentina’s defense. The German win was not so much of a surprise after the lackluster Argentinean performance in the second half, but it was still a crushing defeat. FAR Executive Director Garnik Nanagoulian even asks “Why is there so much drama at the WC?” Part of the answer, in my opinion, is the failure of stars like Messi to perform at all. It looks like drama comes from the lack of action from famous players. Messi scored zero goals for Argentina. Perhaps our talented FAR footballers (Edik, Hambartsum, and Marina) can step in to lend some professional advice? It’s also time for the FAR staff in general to admit defeat in this one. We had Bagrat rooting for England and I was with Edik and Hambartsum in our confidence with the Argentinean squad. Both teams are gone now and I think I’m looking at Germany for a win over Spain tomorrow…


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