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And Now For Something Completely Different – Soccer IV.

We have a new fan of Argentina on board. FAR employee Edik Karapetyan will don the baby blue and white jersey for this World Cup, even though he misses the days of the infamous Ararat team of the former Soviet Union. It brings up some heartwarming, proud moments when you think of a time when the “Armenian nation was proud of its team,” as Edik says, especially for such a small nation on a big stage. I’m a little ashamed to say that I know very little about Armenian soccer (I was born in the very late 80s, so maybe it’s forgivable) but it’s nice to hear that some fans still remember the glory days.

Adding to the soccer-savvy FAR staff, Edik attended a camp led by Ararat defender Beglaryan (hiding it from his parents, of course) and even played for the 1970-1971 Armenia Youth Football Team. Pretty impressive! After his parents decided soccer was not the right path for him, Edik turned his attentions to becoming a “serious football fan,” in his words. Disappointing for him, but this switch to a spectator is selfishly benefiting me and my Argentinean boys. He is as equally impressed with Messi as I am.

So now it seems Hambartsum, Edik, and I will be looking to the South American nation for a win.


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