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ANSEF Grants for 2020 to Support Greater Innovation in Armenia

Twenty-four research groups have been awarded grants from FAR’s Armenian National Science and Education Fund (ANSEF) for 2020. Grants of $5,000 enable recipients to continue their research in a wide range of topics, including the physical and natural sciences, engineering and the humanities.

“Even during these difficult days, ANSEF did not delay its activities and proved once again that it is committed to its mission of supporting Armenian scientists,” said FAR Education and Science Program Manager Edik Karapetyan. “On behalf of FAR, I wish our scholars new achievements and progress. Adhering to its mission of supporting Armenian scientists, ANSEF is doing an honorable job, even in this difficult situation.”

For the past 20 years, ANSEF has backed Armenian scientists, empowering them to stay and work in their home country. Grants have supported nearly 3,000 researchers and 512 different projects. ANSEF helps to ensure that Armenia has a trustworthy bank of researchers and scientists who are now taking the lead in physics, astrophysics, biochemistry, biology, linguistics and programing, and advocating for further scientific development in Armenia.


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