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Armenia Article by Tyler Guthrie

Tyler Guthrie, a freelance writer living in Seattle, visited Armenia and wrote about his impressions for the "Washington Post". The article caused quite a stir here at our offices. Everybody wanted to chime in and express all kinds of emotions, from joining the Tyler Guthrie fan club to being utterly surprised about his findings.

So we call on you now. Let us know what you think, comment here or on the Washington Post page (or both) and get a conversation going.

Armenia shows signs of a past beset by man-made and natural disasters

By Tyler Guthrie

The bus stopped at the Armenian-Georgian border, and as the only American on board, I was ushered past soldiers lazily holding assault rifles to a shed where my passport was checked. A shirtless border guard who had been cooking soup moments before quickly printed a $15 entry visa from an HP LaserJet but flatly refused Georgian lari as payment. Luckily, I was able to bum enough drams from a stranger on the bus to Gyumri, Armenia's second-largest city, to cover the cost.


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