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Armenia Fund’s Newly Built Zangezur Cardiology Center Will Save Lives in Southern Armenia,

What we indeed hope is a step toward better healthcare.

GORIS, Armenia–The city of Goris is now a regional center of Cardiological research and treatment, giving victims of heart attacks and acute coronary syndrom (ACS) in Southern Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh a fighting chance to survive, Armenia Fund announced on Monday after officially inaugurating the Zangezur Regional Cardiological Center.

The region of Syunik alone registers more than 50 new cases of ACS and heart attacks each year and if treatment is not administered within an hour or two, patients have little chance of survival. Before the opening of the Center, acute heart patients had to be transported to Yerevan, which is more than 3 hours away from Goris and 5-7 hours from Karabakh, depending on the region and time of year.


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