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Armenia's Northern Provinces Battle Devastation

This past weekend, torrential rains and flooding hit Armenia’s northern regions, severely affecting Lori and Tavush provinces. 19 bridges and many roads, including the interstate to Georgia and rail service between the two countries, have collapsed or been damaged. 

Alaverdi in Lori province is the hardest-hit area. The Armenian government has declared six communities in Lori and three in Tavush as disaster zones. These nine communities encompass 39 settlements affected by the flooding of the Debed and Aghstev rivers. 

More than 400 residents have been evacuated, but nine communities still remain stranded. Tragically, four people have lost their lives, and others are missing. Many have lost their homes and sources of income. 

FAR, a backbone organization for the Armenian people, was established in response to the devastating earthquake of 1988. Over the years, FAR has developed vital experience and expertise in supporting people during disasters. We assisted those in need after the Gyumri earthquake, the wars in Artsakh, and the blockade and forced displacement of our Artsakhtsi compatriots in September of 2023. FAR will do what we have always done in these times of crisis and ensure that our people get the resources they need to rebuild their lives.  

This is yet another critical period for Armenia, especially for those in the disaster zones. The road to recovery after the deadly flood will be long and hard.  As the government assesses the damages and needs, rest assured, FAR is prepared to help, as we have done so many times before.  


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