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Artists Enjoy Spring’s “Open Air.”

Spring is at its peak in Armenia. Every day nature fills people’s hearts with hope, joy and color. Artists feel those colors strongly and they need to be close to nature, an opportunity that FAR’s Fine Art Painter’s Program provides.

For more than ten years, FAR has organized daylong excursions for local artists. This particular trip, which was called “Plain Air” or “Open Air,” differed from previous ones in that most of its participants were women. Artyusha Avetyan, a representative of the Artists’ Union of Armenia, selected a group, which included experienced artists and students from the Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts.

All of them spent one unforgettable day in the neighborhood of Ashtarak, near a 17th century bridge, painting beautiful pictures. Susanna Tovmasyan, who has been painting for 30 years, expressed her sincere gratitude to FAR for creating such an opportunity. Nina Karapetyan, who recently opened her first solo exhibition at the Armenian Artists' House, was fascinated by the well-organized event. She called her painting A Scene with Surb Sargis (Saint Sargis) and generously donated it to FAR’s office.

FAR Communications Officer Hasmik Manukyan accompanied the group. The day was significant for her as it was the first time she had ever used oil paints to bring a lovely landscape to life on canvas.

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