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Artists Find Inspiration in Winter Scenery.

Winter came to Armenia late this year. Now, it is making its slow and reluctant departure. In a way, this was a blessing for the members of FAR’s Fine Arts Painter’s Program, who were able to travel to the Kotayk region and soak up the winter view in Hankavan.

Their surroundings covered with snow and showered in bright sun, six artists and two art critics spent one unforgettable day on the bank of Marmarik River putting on canvas their interpretations of the view. FAR usually holds the trip three times a year and each time one artist thanks FAR with the gift of a painting.

For 10 years, FAR has worked with the Artists Union of Armenia to organize these excursions. The program covers transportation costs and provides food and supplies for the day trips, which are a welcome respite from Yerevan and a chance for these artists to immerse themselves in and be inspired by nature.

So far, the artist groups initiated by FAR have only painted during spring, summer and fall. This was the first time they were able to capture the unique spirit of winter. Artist Hamlet Asatryan generously presented his painting, which he named “Late Winter,” to FAR as a token of appreciation.

Artists Group Members


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