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Back Home: A dispatch from a foster family

It all began three years ago when Arthur experienced appendix attack, leading to his immediate hospitalization. Aida Arzumanyan, formerly a psychologist and pedagogue at the Vanadzor Small House, a Center established by FAR's Child Protection Center in 2018 as part of a pioneering program aimed at providing a model of a small house environment to accommodate children like Arthur, played a crucial role.


Aida stepped in, offering dedicated care during his hospital stay. "Back then, I used to call her Mrs. Aida, never suspecting that one day, she would be my mother. During the two weeks I spent in the hospital, she was by my side. We made friends, and then I began to recognize what a 'home' is," said Arthur, now a resilient 12-year-old boy.


Arthur's biological mother left for Russia a few years ago, which led to him being placed in the Vanadzor orphanage. Despite the separation, Arthur found solace in his new family. Aida, his nurturing mother, and Karo, his supportive brother, embraced him wholeheartedly. Their unwavering care has not only helped him thrive in a warm and loving home but also make progress at school and in his soccer club.  


"He is a walking, talking miracle child. There is nothing that stops him," Aida exclaimed with a radiant smile. Aida, a seasoned foster mom to Karo and Arthur, candidly revealed that the foster care program, coupled with her training as a foster parent, had been instrumental over the past years. She welcomed Karo into her home 10 years ago, and in 2020, Arthur joined their loving fold. 


Through this journey, Aida has not only forged unbreakable connections and bonds with them but has also created a haven of security and comfort they proudly call 'home.' 


"I'm home, I'm finally home, and it feels so good...The moment I stepped through the door, we celebrated by creating a feast of delicious food. Since then, our days have been filled with shared moments in the kitchen. These culinary moments are what make our family truly special. I like getting to spend time with mom and particularly with Karo and doing anything called “family,”" Arthur added with a smile.


To support children in need of safety and stability like Arthur and Karo, donate to FAR today.

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