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Baking a Difference for Armenia's Children

The giggling faces of the children holding boxes filled with Toufayan brandcookies in their hands caused the cook at FAR’s Nor Hajn Soup Kitchen to pause.

“Food can wait when there is a cookie,” she said with a smile beforestepping back into the kitchen.

Children standing impatiently in line with their mothers were waiting for their own boxes of Toufayan vanilla wafers, creme and chocolate cookies, and fruit chips, plus some others.

Finally, Gisane, 5, Astghik, 8, and Arpi, 10, took their boxes of sweet treats. The siblings whose mother, Alvard, has attended the soup kitchen with her kids for the past seven years, literally jumped up and down with excitement.

While she doesn’t like to admit it, Alvard said that it’s been a hard year for her family; she hasn’t always been able to meet her daughters’ requests for the occasional treat.

But when her children received the boxes, she took them by the hands and said with sincerity, “Please share our gratitude to the benefactor for these sweet treats. You made the day of my daughters and we appreciate it a lot.”

Nearly 7,500 vulnerable seniors and children assisted by FAR’s soup kitchen or daycares like Gisane, Astghik, and Arpi, Syrian-Armenians and displacedkids from Artsakh, all recently received a box of Toufayan cookies.

The sweat gesture, however, is just a small portion of the generous multi-year investments of the Harry and Suzanne Toufayan Foundation into creating a better tomorrow for the children of Armenia through community development, education and humanitarian programs.

If you would also like to consider contributing to the betterment of Armenians and their future, consider supporting FAR today.


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