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Beneficiaries Portraits - Tomorrow starts today - Narine Margaryan.

Though Narine Margaryan is not even 18 years old, she has passed a long way full of sufferings and hardships. She was born in 1992 in Yerevan and only four years old when her parents got a divorce. Narine’s mother hardly managed to bring up her two daughters – Narine and Mariam. Narine was 14 years old, when her mother died, leaving her daughter to the mercy of fate. The two sisters were temporarily sheltered in the FAR Children Support Center from where they moved to the Gavar Orphanage.

Later Narine temporarily lived in the house of her friend where she met her boyfriend. Unfortunately, the "family" they formed lasted only three months.

Narine was pregnant and knew only one address to find support; the FAR Children Support Center. Every effort was made to help the young mother through her postnatal months; a permanent solution was found. With her newborn daughter, Narine was adopted into a foster family in the Armavir region and lived there for almost two years. Because the Center’s employees have always kept in touch with the foster family, FAR was able to also provided shelter after her tenure in the foster family. The staff even decided to employ the girl as a custodian for the Center.

“The salary is not the most important thing, but to teach how to be a mother” explained the Deputy Director and Program Manager Ramona Ktakyan. Today, Narine can take care of her two-year old Arpine. She is able to provide food, clothes, and candies for her daughter.

On my visit to the Center the young girl was tidying up the rooms and cleaning the corridor walls. All employees are very pleased with her work.

It is important that the FAR Children Support Center is playing a decisive role in the life of the now almost 18 years old girl. Otherwise, Narine would not have been able to look with hope into her own and her daughter’s future.


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