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Beneficiaries Stories, the Hovanesyan Family

The story begins like this: Nearly 15 years ago, during Armenia’s most destitute times, Mr. Arto Hovanesyan* received an opportunity to work and live in the Ukraine. After selling the apartment in Yerevan, the Hovanesyan family moved to the Ukraine, and life for Mr. Hovanesyan, his wife and six children was good. However, the whole family missed Armenia and wanted to return.

A year ago, with the downturn of the global economy, Mr. Hovanesyan lost his job. The dire situation initiated the return to Yerevan. Glad to be back, the family needed help to resettle in Armenia. After being directed to FAR’s Children’s Support Center, the Hovanesyan family was given a small property in Artsakh (Karabagh), as well as the necessities required to get the family back on its feet.

Today, thanks to FAR, members of the Hovanesyan family can live happily in their native Armenia.

* For reasons of privacy the name has been changed.

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