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Beneficiary Potraits - ANSEF 2009 Beneficiary, Armen Trchounian

Armen Trchounian pursues laboratory work at the Biophysics Laboratory of Yerevan State University under the ANSEF grant program. Dr. Trchounian’s project deals with regulating issues of bacterial growth, survival, and activity – namely for use in biotechnology, medicines, and alternative energy. This 2009 project, entitled “Electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency effects on bacterial sensitivity to antibiotics” is jointly implemented with lab research partner, Hasmik Tadevosyan.

Dr. Trchounian is already quite well-known in Armenian scientific circles. Since 2002 he has been Head of the High Quality Attestation Committee, which awards scientific degrees to Armenian scientists. His achievements include such accolades as Doctor of Science degree (1990), Professor of Science degree (2002), and RA President’s Prize for Biological Science (2003). He has also authored numerous articles published in international magazines and recently participated in the Bioelectromagnetics Congress in Switzerland.

Dr. Trchounian greatly appreciates the role of international grant programs promoting the sustainability of Armenian scientific traditions, and is thankful to ANSEF for his grant. He expressed that “the most important aspect is not so much the amount of the grant but rather the attention focused on the science of Armenia, the international expertise, and the responsibility it takes in achieving results.”


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