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Beneficiary Potraits - Gor Muradyans

As a nation in transition, many Armenians still feel the effects of the 1988 earthquake. FAR was happy to come to the aid of one particular child, Gor Muradyans. Though Gor was not yet born, his story begins when his father’s first wife was killed during the earthquake. Gor’s father, Mr. Muradyans, was left to care for his two daughters, the older one of whom was called Tatevik. Tatevik grew up helping her father to take care of her little sister Kristine. A few years passed, and in 1990 Mr. Muradyans remarried, and he and his wife had two children, Armine and Gor. Things were looking bright for the Muradyans family until fortune changed again and the family’s father passed away from a severe disease when Armine was 9 years old and was Gor only 1 year old. But that was not the last stroke of fate. The children lost their other caretaker, the mother of the two youngest children, when she passed away a year later from a fatal disease. The three younger children were left under the guardianship of 19-year-old Tatevik.

Tatevik has devoted her entire life to raising her 3 siblings who simply adore her. Despite the tragedies, the children’s eyes shine. They survive due to the love that they have towards each other. Armine and Kristine eventually got married, and now Tatevik cares for Gor, her youngest sibling. Gor had been on the CASP waiting list, and in October of 2009, he was selected for the program, along with 27 other new applicants.

Tatevik expresses her thanks to the benefactor sponsoring Gor. Thanks to FAR and CASP, Tatevik and Gor now know that life consists not only of sorrows and losses but also of joy and gains. Through donor support, FAR hopes to help as many children as possible.


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