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Best for Our Children Day Event Press Conference.

The FAR Children’s Center recently held a press conference in preparation for the annual Best for Our Children Day event, which is held each year in Yerevan’s Victory Park in the beginning of June. The center’s dedicated group of supporters, called the Circle of Friends, organized the conference.

It began with a short commercial about the upcoming event. Afterwards, center Director Doctor Mira Antonyan thanked the Circle of Friends and the city of Yerevan for helping to make the event happen for the fourth year in a row. Last year, Best for Our Children was recognized as the number one social event in Armenia. “We are very proud of this,” Mira said. “Philanthropic culture is very new in Armenia. We need to strengthen it and involve public celebrities, businessmen, artists and entertainers. It is a crossroad where rich, poor and middle class people are united with the hope to improve the protection of our children.”

Ara Gevorgyan, a Yerevan composer and center supporter, also noted that children unite representatives from all spheres of life -- singers, actors, businesspeople, etc. “We are happy and ready to be with FAR, to support children in need of protection.”

Actress and center supporter Nazeni Hovhannisyan also added, “This is not only about supporting FAR. This is about supporting ourselves, our country and our children. This is our responsibility and our mission.” Addressing journalists, she continued, “Please raise awareness about this center and these children.”


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